Excel Sports Rookie Program

Mondays & Fridays (Occasional Wednesdays)
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Rookie means having or suitable for a level of knowledge or skill between fundamental and advanced. In this program, your child will learn these essential fundamentals to develop both his/her talent and skill.

• We teach the importance of footwork and agility.
• The multiple aspects of a dribble pass shoot.
• Understanding wing span to prevent the players opponent from going around them.
• Defensive techniques such as closeouts, rebounding and getting in the passing lane.
• We teach personal mental competitions (how to use the body for defense so he/she can overcome opponent mentally)
• We give both on the court and regular classroom education to give our players a competitive edge.

Benefits of this program:

Our Rookie program prepares kids for the competitive league.

• Our players become more disciplined both on and off the court.
• They’re actively burning calories.
• The conditioning this program gives, improves stamina and gets your child into shape.
Increases confidence
• It’s the fast track program preparing your child for the next skill level of basketball.
• We help them increase their competitive edge for middle school and high school tryouts.

Other information you might need to know:
Our program is year-round; however we consider school basketball a priority. If your child needs to try out for a school basketball team and any schedule conflicts arise, the school team is a priority.
If you want to prepare your child to be competitive for tryouts, the recommended timeline to enroll your child is six months before tryouts.

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