Excel Sports Competitive Program

Our competitive teams have been playing inside Excel Sports for over a year. This program is

designed to take your child to the next level.

for the next level of competition and train our players to catapult their skill. This is different from coaching . We teach the all-around game approach because we don’t know when players will stop growing. Meaning all players learn multiple aspects of the game.


  • Learning how to dribble the ball with both hands
  • They’ll learn how to make underhanded layups with both hands.
  • Rebounding
  • Break full court press
  • One on one defense
  • They shoot jump shots from the basket at the 3 point line
  • We teach the profound depths of the basketball rules to give them their competitive edge.

Benefits of this Program:

In this program, your child gains:

  • Three dimensional aspect of the game
  • High basketball IQ.
  • Faster Paced Game.
  • A competitive edge among his/her peers.
  • Preparation that gives an advantage for basketball tryouts.
  • Teaches kids to balance schoolwork and basketball.
  • Child experiences team camaraderie.
  • Respectful attitude with peers.
  • Life skills for adulthood including the rewards of practice and hard work.
  • Excel Sports competitive program breeds strong leaders.
Excel Sports uses a three-dimensional approach to teaching kids. In the recreational and competitive programs, we integrate the referee, players and coach’s perspective. Because our coaches have expansive experience and diverse skill sets, this approach creates quicker skill development and gives our kids a competitive edge on the court.  We’ve noticed that teaching our children the multiple aspects of the game enhances their knowledge, gives them strategic thinking abilities and grows their basketball skills tremendously.