Our Staff Members

We’re a team of Coaches, dedicated individuals who love teaching the kids through the game of basketball. Please click on our staff members names and get to know more about them.

Michael Paynes

President Of Basketball Operations
"I love what I do. When I am teaching the kids, I get to see a lightbulb turn on inside them. Their eyes get big, their faces light up, and they have that 'aha moment.' I know that's a positive change for the rest of their lives, and the more "aha!" moments these kids have, the more of a chance they have to become successful at whatever they choose in life." Coach Mike

Brandon P

Director of Programs & IT

Brian Ali

Lead Coach

Coach Matt

Assistant Coach

Tymothy P

Assistant Coach

Vernon Daniels Jr.

Assistant Coach

Coach Devon

Assistant Coach

Excel Sports, LLC was founded by Dandrick “Coach D” Moton (now deceased). Coach D served as President of Excel Sports and played collegiate basketball at the University of Central Arkansas from 1993-1997. 

He coached High School Boys basketball for 6 years while in Arkansas and finished his coaching career with a 102-7 record, winning two State championships and four conference championships. His 2003 team finished with a second national ranking among Division V Christian High Schools.

With his background in motivational speaking, Coach D spoke to over 50,000 youth across the nation teaching them about making healthy choices. He organized and conducted several basketball clinics and camps for thousands of youth. Coach D received his Master’s degree in Organizational Communication from Arizona State University. He was a Public Speaker and Business Communication Instructor at ASU and a certified basketball referee. The Excel Sports focus is on these main goals:

  • Teaching Sportsmanship – Basic courtesy and good manners. We reinforce these basic principles. Things like giving a firm handshake with eye contact to officials and opposing coaches, as well as a high five to opposing players.
  • Encouraging Teamwork – Teaching players that “we over me” is what most often leads to “us over them,” in team sports competition. There’s no “I” in TEAM! Encouraging players to be champions in both losing and winning efforts!
  • Maintaining Positive Attitude – Helping your players get over setbacks and still do what they need to do to succeed. Playing sports is one the best ways to practice overcoming adversity and preparing to handle life’s hard knocks.
  • Showing Respect – Paying it forward and get it back. How a coach interacts with other adults–coaches, parents and officials–will naturally influence the behavior of your players. Role-modeling. Insisting that players respect coaches, officials and opponents.
  • Facilitating Communication – Conducting team meetings to set the tone. Conducting individual and postgame analysis, while pointing out the positive things and strengths. Establishing specific goals to work on. Proving constructive feedback with positive feedback.
  • Continuing Education – Successful training and coaching requires continuing education. Making sure that what we teach is appropriate for the skill, age, and maturity level of the players. We also use a variety of resources for improving our own skills. Browsing websites, reading books, watching videos, and attending coaching clinics whenever possible. We never stop striving for more to help our youth!