How We Give Our Players a High Basketball IQ?

Video breakdown is a tool that can benefit any player, at any age, at any skill level, in any league, tournament, scrimmage, practice, training session, etc. This also benefits coaches, trainers, referees, athletic directors, team owners, parents, fans, etc. at every level of basketball in the world. Video tells the truth. It's most ... More

The Proper Lay Up To Make Your Kid Competitive: Like The Pro’s!

Many Junior High School and High School teams in the valley mandate and or promote overhand layups. I've heard reasonings like: 1. You're not strong enough. 2. It's fundamental. 3. It ensures the ball will get over the rim. 4. It allows you to be stronger with the shot. 5. Only the NBA players to underhand layups. This is all ... More

Improve Your Game and Create Respect: Why We Teach Our Kids To Communicate With Referee’s?

Many coaches tell their players not to talk to the referees during the game. Yet the referee's job is to adjudicate the rules of the game, meaning, to explain both verbally and non verbally the rules of the game. Basically, to "communicate" the rules and their perception of what occurred according to the rules of the game. What's wrong ... More

5 Methods That’ll Sharpen Your Basketball Dribbling Skill.

  Many basketball coaches in the Phoenix Valley teach their players to only use one method of changing directions when dribbling the basketball. The Front Crossover dribble. I never understood this method of teaching or executing. A smart defender can time this crossover dribble based on the ball handler's body language, and interrupt ... More