Real Life Case Study: New Freshman Beats Unbelievable Odds and Makes the High School Team.

Back in middle school, Ari tried out for the basketball team but didn’t make it. He was disappointed, so his mother signed him up for Excel Sports.

In her words, “Ari developed very rapidly. He went from having no basketball skills to being very good for his age and his grade level. I saw a huge change in Ari’s overall discipline, focus, and concentration because of Coach Mike.”AriFreshmanDV

A year and a half later, Ari was ready to try out for the high school team. “I was actually kind of scared,” he says, “because I knew that I was underage for school. I was wondering if I was going to make it. Then Coach Mike, he really gave me a boost in everything. He increased my confidence.”

Ari made the high school team. “We are so proud of him, and thankful to Coach Mike for preparing him,” says Ari’s mom.

“Now I’m really, really excited, because the coaching staff for the team is really good, just like Coach Mike,” Ari continues. “They stress discipline, just like Coach Mike does. And the play has become much easier. Passing and cutting, it’s what Coach Mike taught all of his players. I would recommend him to everyone who is just starting out.”

And Ari’s praise for his coach doesn’t just stop at basketball: “He’s just so helpful. He basically knows everything.”

His mother concludes that “it’s such a wonderful thing, to watch Ari’s development and transformation. He’s gone from a just little kid to a young man who is proficient on and off the court.”