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Pillars of Excellence

The Pillars of Excellence are the cornerstone of the Excel Sports Entertainment basketball program and function as a code of conduct for all staff, players, and family members. The pillars also speak to the trajectory and goals for Excel Sports as an organization. Together, we promote a safe, fun, and competitive basketball program.

Our Pillars

  • Service

    Our primary goal is to provide exemplary service to our community through positive repetitions of conditioning, skill work, video breakdown sessions, team practices, league games, tournament games, scrimmages, team events, and extracurricular activities. We have a responsibility to learn the basketball landscape in Arizona, the western region, and throughout the country, to ensure our parents the ability to make the best possible choices for their student athlete(s).

  • Community

    Giving back lessons learned from life’s experiences of our coaching staff is critical to our existence in the community. We believe in “each one teaches one.” We want to share our experiences with the youth to help them make fewer mistakes in their lives, thereby increasing their opportunities to maximize life to its full potential. This sense of community extends beyond the basketball court, even out into the community with helping the homeless and less unfortunate, teaching our youth directly, a true sense of community.

  • Quality

    Our approach comes with a “standard of excellence” vision. We value quality over quantity all the time. In this youth basketball industry, a service industry, the key to success is quality, both in our relationships with players, parents, fans, the community, as well as our product line of coaching and training youth basketball players. How a program conducts their business will define them throughout time, and our goal is to exemplify the highest quality standard possible.

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork is critical to the success of team goals and individual goals. Helping each other instill confidence, creates positive energy, enhancing the possibility of success for our their goals. Multiple eyes analyzing situations can lend different perspectives, which can quickly provide a well, thought out strategy for resolution. This applies to our coaching staff, our booster club, our teams, our employment environment, and our families. Teamwork is a great fabric of our organization.

  • Life Skills Application

    Basketball is not just a game, but it builds self esteem, confidence, maturity, team building, communication, stage fright, and deals directly with conflict resolution situations very often. How our coaching staff translates what we teach in the gym to everyday life skills is critically important to the development of our student athletes. Basketball mirrors parenting, just like educational teaching. We pride ourselves on the ability to translate this information to the understanding of our student athletes, therefore, improving their overall maturity in the classroom, at home, in the gym, and in the community.

  • Training Highlights

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Training Highlights

  • “Always be on your “A”game because you never know who’s watching” - Coach Mike    



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